Final round of Yandex.Algorithm 2013, the overview


Competitive programming is a great way to get to know the best and the brightest programmers of the world. Their names are well-known and of course with dozens of onsite competitions and training camps they know each other well.

Exactly because of this we’ve tried to make the final round as cozy and friendly as possible, to welcome finalists in a nice and original place, give them plenty of time to interact, play video and boardgames, have a nice walk to the Palace square lunch with the music of Louis Armstrong.

What about a souvenire? Exclusive porcelain set of teacup and plates coloured by finalists themselves will surely take a rightful place on finalists’s tables. Popular motives were integrals, IT logos, browsers, handles…

On contest day participants took an excursion around the palace, that finished in the Oak hall, where the round was held. 

Within 100 short minutes we identified winners: touristeatmore and peter50216. Congratulations! They managed to solve three out of six problems, though only tourist finished with negative penalty. You can see the results on the link.

Photos from the event are avaliable in the official album.