Final round of Yandex.Algorithm 2013, the overview


Competitive programming is a great way to get to know the best and the brightest programmers of the world. Their names are well-known and of course with dozens of onsite competitions and training camps they know each other well.

Exactly because of this we’ve tried to make the final round as cozy and friendly as possible, to welcome finalists in a nice and original place, give them plenty of time to interact, play video and boardgames, have a nice walk to the Palace square lunch with the music of Louis Armstrong.

What about a souvenire? Exclusive porcelain set of teacup and plates coloured by finalists themselves will surely take a rightful place on finalists’s tables. Popular motives were integrals, IT logos, browsers, handles…

On contest day participants took an excursion around the palace, that finished in the Oak hall, where the round was held. 

Within 100 short minutes we identified winners: touristeatmore and peter50216. Congratulations! They managed to solve three out of six problems, though only tourist finished with negative penalty. You can see the results on the link.

Photos from the event are avaliable in the official album.

Award t-shirts

Hi! Yandex.Algorithm 2013 T-shirts will be awarded to:

  • participants scored 26 to 100 in the cumulative rating of the elimination stage.
  • 75 random participants among those, who solved at least one problem in the elimination stage:
000 Anatoly Tolstobrov hujun09012 romansp121245
a.kirlitsa Ievgen Soboliev rotoZOOM2008
Akim ilenok-october schulz.ptz
alexeyvale Ivan Chadin sda553
amaksay Ivanrnk sementry
Andy K jealousing Serega
AnnKats93 joragod ser-koshel
Anton Alexandrov karol.kurach shindo
AntonGordienk0 kompota shtorm941
artfable kyuridenamida Sniper1FM
Autumn LeBron stereo.denis
AvadaKedavra lkjslkjdlk szalivako
Bakhodir Ashirmatov manetsus topcoderme
bcurcio michal.z valeriy.stromov
bd1916 milanin88 Vu Bao Long
bendern mr.cehce weichao.luo
borozdin.kirill.ya Nafis Sadique wibkwibk
bulat.s Najmuz Sakib wzytumbler
cyuanbin nikolaj-gajnulin xu3ckv
dantistus NVAL Yordan Chaparov
eshavlyugin pavelsawchenkov Александр Большаков
espr1t perm-helps Алексей Кунгурцев
free-damir pirahzq Макс Ахмедов
gaurav70 promistrio Троцкий Сергей
Gleb Keselman Q Q Шах Егор
Double check your mailing information and t-shirt size in your

Yandex.Algorithm 2013: final round

And the winners of Yandex.Algorithm 2013 are announced! Official results of the final round are available at the following link:

We congratulate tourist, eatmore and peter50216 with first, second and third place in the final round.

Stay tuned for more photos and upcoming contests!

Yandex.Algorithm 2013: elimination stage


The next stage will consist of three elimination rounds that will be held on:

Online round 114 Jul 2013, 21:00 MSK, Materials

Online round 218 Jul 2013, 13:00 MSK, Materials

Online round 322 Jul 2013, 05:00 MSK, Materials

Each contest round lasts 100 minutes. Links to the rounds are avaliable on the round names above.

The scoring model for this stage will be Grand Prix 30.

To advance to the final round in St. Petersburg, Russia, you don’t have to participate in all online rounds. You will need to place within one of these groups:

  • top 4 in one of three rounds among contestants who have not yet advanced to the final round;
  • top 9 in the cumulative results of two out of three rounds among contestants who have not yet advanced to the final round;
  • top 4 in the cumulative results of three rounds among contestants who have not yet advanced to the final round,

All finalists, another 75 best participants of elimination stage and another 75 random participants of the elimination stage, who will solve at least one problem will get a T-shirt!

You can always read the full schedule and regulations on our website.

Good luck! Next stop: Saint Petersburg!

UPD: Results of the online round 1 are now official and we congratulate Kenny_HORROR for impressive victory using “all open” strategy.

First finalists are Kenny_HORROR, Petr, touristeatmore.

UPD2: Congratulations to tourist for the online round 2 victory. We are glad to invite vepifanov, yeputons, Jedi_Knight, peter50216 to the final round!

UPD3: Based on their scores in round 3, winger, KADR, ainu7, s-quark are invited to the final round. Congratulations!

Rightful place among finalists goes to

  • based on two out of three elimination stage rounds: burunduk3, michal.forisek, Niyaz Nigmatullin, mikhailOK, Mimino, liympanda, romanandreevzejun.wu, RAVEman;
  • for the overall performance in the stage: dmitrymatov, ilyakor, dreamoon, Pawel Parys.

Dear finalists! Congratulations and see you soon in St. Petersburg. We will contact you shortly on the matter of your final round participation. Please, do not ignore our emails and answer promptly =)

Archive of Yandex.Algorithm Qualification Round

Tests, checkers, generators and reference solutions can be downloaded here