Yandex.Algorithm 2013: qualification round


Qualification round of the Yandex.Algorithm competition that will start on July 8, 2013, at 7 p.m. This round is virtual, so you need to start your qualification within 24 hours from the beginning of the qualification round. Qualification will last 100 minutes even if you will start at 6:59 p.m. Please, do not discuss the problems until 8:40 p.m. July 9 — someone can be still solving the problems.

The 2,000 best contestants who have solved at least one problem will advance to the elimination stage. Already advanced from test round participants will have a chance to work with the TCM/Time.

Good luck! Almost 200 t-shirts and more than half a million rubles are waiting for you!


Link to the contest

UPD: Qualification round is now available for the upsolving and virtual participation. Virtual participation results will not affect results of qualification round.

Archive of Yandex.Algorithm Test Round

Tests, checkers, generators and reference solutions can be downloaded here

Test round results

Results of the test round are now official and here is the list of advancers:

0x2207   haicon232  Rasmus 
a.ripatti  hanzbrow  Reshetnikov_Ivan 
a.s.ignatyev  harungunaydin  rinigan 
acm-misis  HeartBlue  Rishikesh Jha 
adamax  hiyzp  romanandreev 
ADJA  hjvfy  RomaWhite 
adrian.budau  hmorimori  rudenko-sumy 
afgedemenli  Hohol  rumman.sust 
aircube  HorgH  runar.khalikov 
Al.Cash07  ilonapapava  SavchukAM 
Aleks  Ilya  savinov 
Alex Wei  ilya.porublyov  sbasrik 
alex41n  ilyakor  sbutterfly2013 
alex70095  indy256  scalar 
alexey.enkov  isammax  Serega 
alexeykuzmin0  iscsi  sergei.yesipenko 
AlexJH  isenbaev  Sergey Parkhomenko 
alopez  ivlevfyodor  Sergey Serebryakov 
alpc104  izban  sheepforever 
amaksay  james0077  shef2318 
andrey.i.bogdanov  Jarekczek  shunminli 
andvolchek  jianhe25  Siberex 
Andy K  justdit  Silin.DI 
anuar.serikov  kanzitdinov1994  skavans 
Apostol Gleb  KapkovS  Skird 
ariel–0  kasitan  slash-cyberpunk 
Arseniy  Kenny_HORROR  Sparik Hayrapetyan 
AzatYusupov1990  kingofnumbers  ssnakevp 
Bakhodir Ashirmatov  KirillB  Suchan Park 
ballon  knight0x300  Taube 
baranov.andrii  knightL  Tester Allsite 
bcurcio  Kolrabis  tiiirz 
bladeus  konanmentor  timka-sv 
BogolyubskiyAlexey  Korvin  Tinkturianec 
borozdin.kirill  kovsharovanton  tourist 
braveheart  KrK  tyamgin.ivan 
BSBandme  kunyavskiy  v.v.melnyk 
bulatov  Leung Theogry  vaaaany 
c.v.m.219  lig  VArtem 
carlos.joa  liympanda  vepifanov 
cj3k4  mansur115  Veselin Georgiev 
contest.gulikov  marat.ishmeev  vicissi 
csahin89  Mark Gordon  Victor Omelyanenko 
d-shchelkonogov  Martin Boeschen  Viktar Sialiuk 
d.pobegaev  mayorov.m.a  Vineet Paliwal 
dalex  mbbugrul  ViruZiX 
darnley  meh  Vitalii Melnyk 
ddd  Merkurev  vitaliy.herasymiv 
deon.nicholas  Mikhail Klimov  vkolbun 
DeRubiOo  mikhail-gorbachev86 
dibrov.bor  mikhailOK  vshantarin 
dimaseversk  miras-mirzakerey  weichao.luo 
DirectX-VB  MironLevkov  White_Bear 
dkirienko  monyura  wukonglux 
dkravchenk0  Moskupols  xuanhungayo 
DmitriyH  MZuev  yamar13 
Dmytro  Nefedov-Sergei  yarko.ryabyy 
dreamoon  Negateef  yeputons 
dtrounine  Nelson Taveras  yhkalayci 
Dumbear  net93k  Yordan Chaparov 
duvarov93  nevzatsevim  zhyang 
dzhank  Nicholas Jimsheleishvili  Zool 
dzhulgakov  Nikitos7991  ZoomKnight 
eatmore  Niyaz Nigmatullin  Александр Большаков 
eduardische  nrg3  Александр Ерофеев 
egor-belikov  NSV  Алексей Дмитриев 
enhydra  NVAL  Антон Лунёв 
Ervin Kamberoski  oberon  Вадим Шилов 
espr1t  okay123456  Ведерников Сергей 
evima  oldjunyi  Виталик Аксёнов 
fanazhe  olpetOdessaONU  Владислав Харалампиев 
Fastholf  Orlan  Григорiй Назаровъ 
Fcdkbear  pavel  Дима Галов 
fedepousa  pavelsawchenkov  Дима Томп 
forest  Pawel Parys  Евгений Крутень 
FPV0206  pbl64k  Жук Артем 
Gansito144  perm-helps  Игорь Ахметов 
gatinho  Pernekhan Utemuratov  Макс Ахмедов 
gaurav708  Petr  Максим Кузнецов 
Gerald  ping128  Михаил Кормышов 
giorgi.javakhadze  poldnev  Надежда Быкова 
GlebsHP  pp pp  Наталья Гинзбург 
gridnevvvit  pperm  Олег Давыдов 
gusakov.alexey2013  RAD  Святослав Фельдшеров 

Test round

June 27 is an important date – that’s when the test round of Yandex.Algorithm kicks off. Don’t miss your chance to register, so you can be in the running for a place in the final round, which takes place on August 21–23, 2013 in St. Petersburg. The final round venue is truly unusual for such an IT event – the palace of Grand Duke Vladimir, built in 1870, will welcome finalists with all its historical charm.

In the final round, the best participants will be left one-on-one with the testing system – no internet connection or prewritten code, only properly set-up computers and IDEs. We will provide text coverage of the round.

If you want to be part of the action, don’t leave your registration to the last minute – remember, the test round starts tomorrow.

More good news: we decided to almost double the number of T-shirts. The best 75 non-finalists among participants of the elimination stage, another 75 random participants of the elimination stage who successfully submit a correct solution to at least one problem and, of course, all finalists will receive an exclusive Yandex.Algorithm T-shirt.

UPD: The test round is available for participants via this link.

Current standings are open for everyone here.

Yandex.Algorithm 2013 - Welcome!

In 2013 Yandex will host an open programming championship on the new Yandex.Contest system, with original rules, prizes, monetary awards and an exciting final round in St. Petersburg, Russia. But the most important part will be great problem sets, made by Belarusian, Japanese and Polish problem setters. Registration opens on May 30. Full information about the schedule of events is available on the Schedule webpage

Specifics of the tournament

Yandex.Algorithm 2013 will be scored using the TCM/Time system and consists of six rounds: test, qualification, three elimination and final rounds. The final will be held on August 21–23, with the main event taking place in St. Petersburg’s Vladimir Palace. Each round will last 100 minutes and include a set of algorithmic problems. The test round will give you an opportunity to try out the new Yandex.Contest system and familiarise yourself with the TCM/Time system. Two hundred and fifty participants will qualify from the test round directly to the elimination stage of the contest. All who have registered for the Yandex.Algorithm competition can take part in the qualification round. The 2,000 best contestants who have solved at least one problem will advance to the elimination stage.

The elimination stage consists of three rounds, with each round starting at a different time to give contestants from each time zone the opportunity to choose a comfortable participation time. A complex advancing system will determine the best of the best.

Participants of the elimination stage earn score points based on their performance in each elimination round according to the Grand Prix 30 system. You can read the full description of the system on the Rules webpage

The top 4 contestants from each elimination round (of those who have not yet advanced to the final round) will be invited to the final. Another top 9 contestants based on the cumulative score of two best out-of-three elimination rounds will also join the top contestants in the final round. Of all those who have not yet advanced to the final round, the top 4 participants according to the cumulative score of the whole elimination stage will be invited to the final round, giving a total of 25 finalists: 12 based on one round score, 9 – on two best rounds, 4 – on the overall performance in the elimination stage.

The Grand Prix 30 system allows the finalists to include not only the top participants of each round, but also stable performers who have participated in multiple rounds.


TCM/Time rules are similar to ICPC rules with the difference of “blind” submissions. Upon submission, blindly submitted solutions are tested only on a sample test set, and the overall result on the problem is shown only after the end of the contest. There is a bonus for the risk – successful blind submissions will subtract penalty time based on the number of contestants who have solved the given problem. As a result, total penalty time can even be negative! You can read the full description of the TCM/Time system on the Rules webpage. Read them carefully.


The testing system supports the following list of compilers:

  • Delphi
  • Free Pascal
  • GNU С++  (4.6)
  • GNU С++ 0x (4.6)
  • GNU С++ 0x x32 (4.6)
  • GNU С++ x32 (4.6)
  • Java 7
  • Java 6
  • GNU С (4.6)
  • GNU С x32 (4.6)
  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.2

More information is available on the Compiler settings webpage

Final round

The final will take place on August 21–23 in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the former palace of Grand Duke Vladimir, built in 1870 on the Neva River embankment near the Hermitage museum. In the palace halls there is a significant collection of Russian paintings as well as the library of Emperor Alexander II.

Prizes and awards

The top 3 finalists will gain 300,000, 150,000 and 90,000 rubles respectively. All 25 finalists and top 75 participants based on the cumulative score of the elimination stage will receive a Yandex.Algorithm 2013 T-shirt. Take part in the contest and win! Good luck!