Yandex.Algorithm 2015 Finalists

As the results of elimination stage are announces, we congratulate our finalists:

a anta Egor mikhailOK tourist W4yneb0t
aid I.T Niyaz Nigmatullin umnik2296 Yanpei Liu
Dmytro ilyakor Petr uwi yeputons
dzhulgakov Jacob Dlougach qwerty787788 VArtem Антон Лунёв
eatmore LayCurse RAVEman vepifanov Михаил Колупаев

who will be joined by best contestants of round 2.1

Pawel Parys

in a competition for glory of being the Yandex.Algorithm 2015 champion and a cash prize.

Congratulations! Final round will be held on August 6, 2015, at 13:00 MSK.